How to Transform a Spare Bedroom Into a Walk-in Closet

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If you have the enviable problem of too much space in your home, why not turn your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet? This sort of luxury isn’t just for aspirational home and garden shows—you can transform your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet easily, especially when you work with a contractor.

Walk-in closets can be a showpiece in and of themselves. Not only will your clothes, shoes and accessories finally be organized, but a beautifully designed closet will make getting ready for work, school and events a pleasure. Here’s how to make it happen.

Pick the perfect room

If you have a room without windows, that could be the perfect space for your walk-in closet. Depending on the organization system you choose, shelving could block the windows and natural light. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since sunlight can fade your clothing, upholstery and accessories.

Many homeowners like the addition of natural light in their walk-in closets, however, especially above a vanity area. You can work with your contractor to either work around the windows, or cover them with window treatments before installing shelves that block the windows.

Ideally, you should choose a room that stays at a consistent temperature throughout the year. This will best preserve your clothing.

Choose an organization system

Walk-in closet shelving systems come in two broad categories: floor mounted or wall mounted. As the names imply, wall-mounted organization systems are affixed directly to the walls, while floor-mounted systems use the ground for support. Floor-mounted systems tend to be more expensive, while wall-mounted systems often combine wire baskets for organization. They look more utilitarian. If you want to get a luxe look, opt for floor-mounted organization.

If the room came with a smaller closet, that’s a great opportunity to use the space as a vanity nook. Simply remove the closet doors and use the space to house a vanity table and your jewelry collection, for example.

Add lighting

When you’re designing your closet, don’t forget to dedicate some thought and budget to lighting. LEDs are perfect for the job: they emit less heat, but are bright enough to illuminate each section of your space. You can choose the color temperature you prefer, or select color-changing lights to change with your mood.

Don’t forget the details

There’s plenty to consider when you’re upgrading your spare room: how many rods you need, whether you want more shelving or hanging space and more. Consider installing an island in the middle of the room, which can double as more storage. Should you have valuable jewelry, this is a good place to install a hidden safe.

You’ll also want to include seating. Vanity benches and chaises are popular—they can make the room feel more elegant and hospitable, especially if you’re getting ready with a group of friends or family.

Whatever kind of walk-in closet you’ve been dreaming of, the team at Metro Contractors Inc. can make it happen. Call us today for an estimate on transforming your spare bedroom into a walk-in closet.

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