The Importance of Lighting When Remodeling

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There are so many aspects of home renovations that some seemingly small elements can get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, one part of renovations that often gets neglected is the lighting.

This post will cover why lighting is so important in home remodeling and how you can ensure your remodeled home has the perfect lighting:

  • Illuminates your space: The key reason to incorporate the right amount of lighting is to make sure your living space is well Rooms that are too dark typically don’t feel very welcoming, which is the goal for many homeowners.
  • Enhances functionality: A well-lit room is also a more functional one. You may need more lighting in some rooms than others, depending on the room’s use. Your contractor can help you plan out your lighting to maximize the room’s functionality.
  • Highlights remodels: When it comes to the importance of lighting, you can’t overlook the fact that it highlights features of your remodel. The right light shining in the right areas can make your home’s newest features pop. Consider all of your lighting options to ensure you install the perfect light for the room.
  • Reduces energy bills: New lighting throughout a home can also reduce your monthly energy bills. Consider upgrading to energy-efficient LEDs or adding smart lights that can be controlled wirelessly with your phone or tablet. Your energy savings might not offset the cost of the renovation, but it’s certainly a start.

Tips for getting the best lighting during remodeling

Now that we’ve covered why lighting is so important in home remodeling, let’s go over some best practices for incorporating your lighting.

Follow these tips to maximize your lighting and set your home apart from the rest:

  • Visualize each room’s qualities: Step inside your remodeled room, and think about its best qualities and what you want your lighting to highlight. For example, you may want to showcase new granite counters by installing recessed lighting under your kitchen cabinetry. Whatever you want to highlight, your contractor can make it happen.
  • Complement natural light: The more natural light, the better, but you can’t rely solely on natural light to illuminate a room. Depending on natural light can make a room too dark once the sun goes down. Find a way to complement sunlight with your new lighting fixtures to create a homey, functional space.
  • Don’t overdo it: Much like a room that’s too dark, a room that’s too bright can be unappealing and no fun to be in. Make sure that your new lights are well placed throughout a room to properly illuminate the space and highlight its features without overdoing it. Plus, too many lights in a room can contribute to a higher energy bill.

We can take care of your remodeling needs

Whether you’d like to remodel a kitchen or bathroom or build an addition, Metro Contractors Inc is your go-to team for all of your home renovations. Call us today to get your estimate or to learn a little more about the importance of lighting.

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