Why a Kitchen Remodel Is the Best Choice to Increase Your Home’s Value

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If you own a home, it’s probably one of your chief investments. Like any investment, you’d like to see the value of it increase over time. There are multiple things you can do to increase your home’s value, but one of the most popular is a kitchen renovation.

While it’s far from an easy process, a kitchen renovation can do wonders for your home’s feel and value.

Is your renovation actually worth it? This article will cover some FAQs on why kitchen remodeling is the best choice to increase your home’s value.

What is the return on investment of a kitchen remodeling project?

This is a simple question with a complicated answer. It depends largely on the condition of the house and market conditions when selling it. It also depends on how much remodeling is being done, as some portions of a kitchen remodel cost more than others.

Generally, homeowners can expect to recoup 60 to 80 percent of their remodeling costs when selling their house, according to Remodeling Magazine. A HomeLight report found that homeowners could roughly break even when selling their home after a kitchen remodel.

Are there ways to increase the return on investment when remodeling a kitchen?

Yes, and this is one of the reasons that kitchen remodeling is the best choice to increase your home’s value. You can be selective on what you wish to replace, and this is an especially effective strategy if you’re thinking about moving soon.

For example, you could keep certain aspects of your kitchen that work and focus your attention on aesthetic upgrades when remodeling. You could keep your original windows, original floors and plumbing fixtures but opt to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, lights and/or countertops. When conducting a kitchen remodeling project, keep in mind what your ultimate goals are.

Why is the kitchen so important to prospective homebuyers?

For many living spaces, the kitchen serves as a centerpiece for the home. All members of the family will likely spend a considerable amount of time there, whether it’s for eating, chatting or doing the dishes. The kitchen is a high-traffic room.

People shopping for homes want their kitchen to be a place that not only looks great but feels warm too. Whether it’s just passing through the kitchen on the way out to the garage or dining with your whole family for Thanksgiving, having a kitchen you love is the absolute peak of home ownership.

Besides increasing your home’s value, are there other benefits to remodeling your kitchen?

Of course. We just finished discussing how important the kitchen is and how it’s often the heart of a home. Having a new kitchen with updated features and new, upgraded fixtures and surfaces can completely change how you view your home.

In fact, an article in the New Haven Register stated that 90 percent of homeowners reported that they wanted to spend more time in their kitchen once they had it remodeled. Remodeling your kitchen can increase not only your home’s value but your level of joy as well.

Call for your kitchen remodeling today

So is your renovation actually worth it? When you factor in the joy you’ll feel, it most certainly is. When you want your kitchen remodeled, call us at Metro Contractors Inc. We have over three decades of experience performing various remodeling projects, and we’d love to help you transform your home.

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