Choosing Tubs for Your Remodel

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When you’re remodeling your bathroom, there’s nothing like choosing a brand-new bathtub. Showers can be luxurious, but it’s hard to achieve the same level of relaxation you’ll get with a nice soak in your new tub. But which type of tub should you pick?

There are five broad categories of bathtub, and all of them come with their advantages and drawbacks. Here’s how to choose a tub for your new bathroom:

  • Combination shower and tub: Chances are, your existing bathtub is a combination shower and tub—they’re one of the most popular options when you buy a new home. As you may know, they offer the convenience of a shower as well as a bathtub, but they’re usually not very luxurious. This is a good option if you’re remodeling a guest or children’s bathroom. If you want to emphasize the comforts of home, however, you may wish to try a different option.
  • Standalone tub: Standalone tubs are also called freestanding tubs. They’re installed away from the wall, and can be elevated off the floor, like clawfoot bathtubs, or installed flush with the floor. These are a great option if you enjoy taking long soaks.
  • Corner bathtub: A corner bathtub is a great choice when you have an oddly-shaped bathroom. They usually fit at least two people. One downside is that they take longer to fill since they’re so much bigger. On the other hand, they don’t take up as much room, since they’re installed in the corner.
  • Recessed (alcove) tub: Recessed tubs are usually surrounded by walls on three sides. This can also be combined with shower plumbing, since the walls make it easy to install. Recessed tubs are great for adding a little privacy and seclusion to your baths—you can even add hanging plants, decorative lighting and other touches to make it a mini-oasis.
  • Platform bathtub: Finally, platform tubs are surrounded by a “deck,” which can be covered in paneling or tile. This allows you to completely customize the look of your bathtub, but it can be difficult to install them in the middle of the room. It’s usually best to install a platform tub against the wall.

When you’re trying to choose between tub styles for your remodel, make sure you don’t just consider the shape of your bathroom. Think about how easy the tub will be to clean, what kind of materials you’re using and even how much the tub weighs. For example, cast iron tubs are ultra-durable and retain heat well, but they can also weigh 300 pounds or more. Getting those up the stairs is a chore, and you might even need to reinforce your flooring to accommodate one.

Working with a great contractor can help you narrow down your choices, according to your budget, your vision and other important considerations. As long as you have a good idea of what you’re hoping to achieve, the team at Metro Contractors Inc. can work with you to create a bathroom you’ll love—including a beautiful new bathtub. Call us today to get started.

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