Five Tips for Planning Commercial Remodeling

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Commercial remodeling is challenging, and a poor remodeling plan makes it worse. If you do not invest time in remodeling planning in Birmingham, AL, you face business interruptions and frustrated employees. However, if you work with your commercial remodeling company to break the project into phases and schedule work around busy times, you will manage this process much better. Here are five tips on a smoother remodeling process for your business:

  • Set your budget: Before we can discuss our options for you, you must set a budget. However, it needs to consider reality. Expanding a conference room or moving cubes around is often less expensive than installing a full employee kitchen. The best way to do this is to assess your needs and why you are remodeling—do you need more room for workers, storage or clients, or do you just want to let in more natural light and give your space better flow? Establishing these goals before you plan helps you prioritize when it’s time to adjust your plan to your available spending.
  • Discuss business interruptions: There are many ways to reduce business interruption. Your contractor may spread the work out into phases or work on the space during non-business hours. If you opt for the phase approach, plan for storage and workspaces before work commences. Communicate with employees if you need to move them or, if possible, send some workers to work from home. If you are remodeling a retail establishment, close down in sections and move products where customers can still access them. While you may be saying “pardon our dust” many times, employees and customers alike appreciate it when you communicate before remodeling chaos sets in!
  • Consider regulations: Remodeling is a good opportunity to update to code. If your building barely passes requirements for accessibility, consider widening aisles for wheelchairs. Add ramps and automatic doors at entryways. You enjoy legal compliance, but are also able to serve more customers better. If your restrooms, employee kitchens and other plumbing areas are not updated, use this time to get them up to code. Update wiring, mechanical and structural shortcomings as well. Remodeling efforts often focus on appearance, but perfecting wires, pipes and access points also improves your space.
  • Define timelines: As indicated above, communication with employees, clients and customers is key, but this is most vital when it comes to timelines. Employees want reassurance that they won’t be working in closets forever, and customers look forward to your space having order again. You want to let people know when you expect the work to finish, but also when some stages will be noisier and higher impact than others.
  • Safety first: When work begins, set up construction containment barriers. This step keeps people out of dangerous areas and prevents interfering with the contractor’s work. Ask about ventilation systems and confirm your contactor uses them.

Metro Contractors Inc. is a residential and commercial remodeling company in Birmingham, AL. We are with you through each step, from remodeling planning to the final touches. Call us today to discuss your vision and secure an estimate.

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