10 Home Office Design Ideas

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Having a home office has always been a nice-to-have feature for homeowners, especially those who burn the midnight oil after returning home from work. But with millions of Americans either working or taking classes from home these days, an at-home office space is a must. Simply putting a desk in a corner won’t do, though.

An office is one of the home upgrades in Birmingham, AL that takes careful consideration to get just right. This post will cover a few things to consider when working with our residential remodeling pros at Metro Contractors Inc.:

  • Location: The first thing to consider is your new office’s location. We recommend choosing an area of the home that won’t be near the center of activity. For example, an area away from the kitchen and living room would be ideal.
  • Windows: Unless your new office is in an interior area of your home, you should consider expanding the windows. Adding new, larger windows lets in plenty of natural light, which will help put you in a better mood.
  • Room size: The size of your home office in Birmingham, AL depends on a few factors, including your budget, home layout and its intended use. Our team will work with you to ensure the size of your new office will meet all of your needs.
  • Ample storage: Regardless of the room’s size, you’ll want your office to have tons of storage space. Built-in shelving is a good way to ensure plenty of storage without hogging up space in the room.
  • Built-in desk: Your office isn’t complete without a desk! Even if you have a large space to work with, a built-in desk adds an elegant appearance and enhances the room’s functionality.
  • Partition: If you’ll be sharing the office with another at-home worker or with kids doing online schooling, you might want to consider splitting up the space with a partition. Even a half-size partition in the office provides a little privacy for everyone in the room.
  • Furniture: As industry experts, we know home upgrades in Birmingham, AL aren’t complete without some new furniture. Shop around and find pieces that are both comfortable and stylish for your new home office. If you need help finding the perfect pieces, just ask our team!
  • Wall planters: Having plants and flowers in a room can help create a calming atmosphere, which is important if you have a high-stress job. If you’re short on space, consider adding wall planters that will both look great and help you throughout the day.
  • Lighting: We mentioned natural lighting from windows, but it’s also important to consider your overhead fixtures, lamps and other light sources. Having plenty of light in the room prevents eye strain and helps keep everyone alert.
  • Bright colors: Along with proper lighting, you should paint your office with bright colors to help keep you alert—especially during those monotonous workdays. Our designers can help pick out colors for your office that’ll look fantastic day in and day out.

Call us to design your office today

There’s no reason to wait around any longer—now is the perfect time to start planning your home office in Birmingham, AL! Give Metro Contractors Inc. a call today to get a quote or to learn more about all of our remodeling services.

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