Deck or Patio: Which Is Right for You?

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to spend more time at home than we’re probably used to, and as a result you might be doing some rethinking about what you want your home to look and feel like, and how you want it to function. Your outdoor entertaining space is a big part of this, and deciding on installing a deck versus a patio in Birmingham, AL is a big choice to make. Both of these options have their strengths and weaknesses, and one might fit your home better than the other. Understanding what each can offer your home and your family is a great first step—read on for the basic facts.

What’s the difference?

When debating decks versus patios in Birmingham, AL, it’s important to first understand what we’re talking about. A deck is an outdoor platform that extends from the house and has no roof, while a patio is a paved area that’s always situated directly on the ground. A patio can be attached to a house or completely detached from it—it all depends on your tastes. As a general rule of thumb, patios are cheaper to install, but they also offer a smaller return on investment. If you’re looking at the resale value of your home as a big driver of your decision, then a deck might be the better choice.

Pros and cons of a patio

For starters, the lower installation cost of a patio makes it an attractive option for many homeowners—concrete is usually priced around $5 per square foot, so it’s affordable for most people. It also gives you more privacy when it’s situated closer to the ground, and does not require a lot of maintenance—sealing your patio is about the only regular maintenance you’ll need to undertake. You also usually won’t require a building permit to install a patio, so they’re an easy and low-impact option.

That said, patios do have some limitations. They can’t be installed on uneven ground, and they can be susceptible to cracking and staining. You also need to be sure that the ground on which you’re installing it is suitable and not likely to shift too much.

Pros and cons of a deck

On the other hand, the pros and cons of a deck in Birmingham, AL are mostly related to the financial side. You’ll see a much higher rate of return on your investment if you install a deck, possibly as high as 76 percent. They’re also great to enjoy a view if you have a scenic area behind your house, and they can be installed on ground that isn’t level or even.

However, decks are quite a bit more expensive than patios, and might require a building permit depending on your town. Wood also has a shorter lifespan, so decks might not be as resilient as patios.

Deciding on a deck versus a patio in Birmingham, AL is a big choice, but fortunately the pros at Metro Contractors Inc. can help you make the right decision for your property. We’ve worked with countless clients to build the outdoor spaces of their dreams—call us today to arrange a consultation!

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