Can Additions Add Value to Your Home?

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Life can bring a lot of changes, and sometimes those changes need to be reflected in your home. If you’re expecting another baby, or your in-laws want to have a more permanent space when they visit, then maybe it’s time that you consider an addition to your house. The added space and new amenities can be a great benefit, but wondering about home additions and their impact on the value of your home in Birmingham, AL is a very valid concern. You want to feel confident that any tweaks you’re making to your property are going to boost its eventual resale value—read on for more insight into how additions could (or could not) improve your home’s value.

Types of additions

The first thing we want to make clear is that there are a million and one ways to add an addition to a house. There are some smaller ones that many people prefer—these may be small “bump-outs” to create a space for a breakfast nook or expand the kitchen to give you some more counter space. These are typically some of the less expensive projects (although they can be more costly on a per square foot basis), but the price tag can climb quickly if a new foundation is required. The economics of home additions and the value of your home in Birmingham, AL can be more complex than they initially seem, which is why it’s important to take the time to discuss your options with your contractor.

The most common addition is a full one. These add significant chunks of space to your home in the form of bedrooms, living rooms or bathrooms. They are complicated projects that require rethinking of HVAC, plumbing and electricity, just for starters. Metro Contractors Inc. is your one-stop shop for these types of construction projects.

What additions add the most value?

So, do home additions in Birmingham, AL actually add value? With so many types of additions out there, it can be hard to gauge the answer to this question. Typically, we recommend that clients put on additions that are not overly specialized if they’re looking to eventually sell their home. If you’re a billiards fanatic and choose to add a room that can only be used for billiards, for example, you’re likely going to significantly cut down the pool of potential buyers for your home if you ever want to sell. It’s best to stick with more standard options, like additional bedrooms and bathrooms, as these are spaces any homeowner can easily tailor to their needs.

It’s also best to opt for additions that add the most square footage. You might not necessarily see a dollar-for-dollar payback on any modifications you make, but increasing the size of your home is always a safe bet to up the resale value. Master suites and larger kitchens are some of the most attractive items to prospective buyers, so those could be areas of focus for you if you’re researching home additions to boost your property value in Birmingham, AL.

If you’re in the market for a home remodel or addition, we hope you’ll consider giving Metro Contractors Inc. a call. We take pride in our ability to tailor our work to any client’s specifications for a reasonable price. Get in touch with us today to arrange a consultation!

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