Tips for Planning a New Home Addition

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Getting ready to take on a new home addition project? It’s important to make sure you’ve planned every aspect of the project thoroughly and carefully before you start the demolition and construction. It’s always advisable to work with an experienced contractor for the project to make sure you cover all of your bases and get the job done both efficiently and to a high standard of quality.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you’re planning a new home addition in Birmingham, AL to ensure you find success with the job.

Know the purpose of the project

Why are you building this addition to your home? The purpose for the project will drive many of the plans you implement for it. Perhaps you need more room for guests, or for your kids to hang out with their friends. You should consider whether you can remodel an existing space instead of adding a new one, as this will always be the cheaper option.

Other issues you should consider: will the remodel/addition add any value to your home? Even if you know you’re going to be in your home for the long term, you should still consider the potential resale value of your home, and the values of other comparable homes in your neighborhood. If you know, for example, that yours is the only house on your block that has just a single bathroom, or that only has two bedrooms, then adding one more can make a lot of sense for adding value to your home as well as for adding practical space.

Carefully budget the project

Before you commit to moving forward with the project, it’s important to carefully price it out and come up with a feasible budget. You don’t want to bankrupt yourself on an addition.

Consider how you’ll finance the project. The best method will usually be a combination of savings and using a home equity loan or line of credit, but you might also refinance your mortgage or get a personal loan. If you’re going to finance, make sure you’re able to get a comfortably affordable payment plan.

Consider permits and inspections

Before you can move forward with the project, you’ll need to make sure you’re able to get the necessary permits and pass certain inspections. The good news is that if you’re working with a reputable contractor, the contractor will typically take care of all permitting and inspection work for you, and will also be better able to ensure your project complies with local zoning ordinances and building codes.

Identify the challenges

Every project is going to have at least a few challenges associated with it, some more than others. Consider how well you’ll be able to integrate the new space with your existing structure, including adding electrical and plumbing infrastructure and making sure the roof is properly attached and integrated. Will it be feasible for you to mimic the materials and finishes that currently exist in the other parts of your home? If not, are you able to find something that complements it well without looking too hodgepodge? These are all issues to consider.

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