Day-Lighting: Illuminate Your Bathroom with Natural Sunlight

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The bathroom is one of the most intimate areas of your home. Without natural lighting, a bathroom often feels dark, dank and downright uncomfortable. That is why so many people are exploring their sunlight bathroom options in Birmingham, AL. The time has come to let the sun shine in!

The traditional option: Skylights

You’ve seen a skylight before. A portal cut in the roof of your home, then covered with glass or other transparent material to allow natural light in, skylights were very popular in many home styles for years. As a method for illuminating your bathroom with natural sunlight in Birmingham, AL, it was quite effective when skylights were included in the original blueprints for the home.

However, from a remodeling standpoint, installing skylights is expensive and time consuming. The ceiling of your bathroom and your entire roof need to be re-engineered to ensure the skylight installation doesn’t cause any issues in the future. This increases the cost of your bathroom remodeling project significantly.

Furthermore, a skylight is basically a giant gaping hole in your ceiling and roof protected by glass or plastic. This allows the outdoor conditions to affect the temperature in the room with the skylight. For instance, during the winter, a bathroom with a skylight is absolutely freezing. This means you’ll spend more money on utilities for your home to compensate.

The contemporary option: Solar tube lighting

The more modern of the two main sunlight bathroom options in Birmingham, AL, solar tube lighting is called a variety of different names, including light tubes, light tunnels, tubular skylights and sun pipes. This method for funneling natural light into your home is much more cost-effective and efficient to include with a remodeling project.

Solar tube lighting begins with installing a weather-proof plastic dome or globe on your roof that collects sunlight throughout the day. This light is then filtered through your home via solar tubes, sheet metal tubes with a polished interior that acts as a mirror. These reflective surfaces beam the sunlight into the diffusers of any room where they are installed, such as your bathroom.

People are amazed at the night-and-day difference light tubes can make in their bathrooms. At first, people don’t think the small diffuser will bring in that much sunlight. Following installation, they are stunned at how bright and cheerful their bathroom suddenly feels.

In fact, a 10-inch diameter solar tube provides the equivalent of three 100-watt light bulbs. This is enough light to adequately illuminate a space of up to 200 square feet. The largest-sized solar tubing is a 14-inch diameter and will light a room that is up to 300 square feet.

Solar tube lighting is great for bathrooms, but also for hallways, staircases, walk-in closets, pantries and laundry rooms. Believe us when we say that solar tube light is best for illuminating your bathroom with natural sunlight in Birmingham, AL.

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