How to Build a Tornado-Resistant Home

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Last March, the Birmingham area was rocked by a tornado that measured 4 out of 5 on the enhanced Fujita scale. In that instance, nearly two dozen people were killed when a powerful storm ripped through the area. Over the course of the year, we saw 81 tornadoes spring up throughout the state. The vast majority of those storms formed in the first four months of the year. In other words, in Alabama, we’re at the start of the tornado season.

Of course, your home and belongings don’t have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Thanks to advances in construction, building a tornado-resistant home in Birmingham, AL is entirely possible. Here are some tips to make it happen.

Install wind-resistant siding

When a storm rips away some siding from your home, it may not seem like a big deal, but a house without siding experiences several issues. Heating and cooling costs go up, for starters, because your home’s insulation isn’t meant to be directly exposed to the elements. Even prolonged exposure to the sun could prove harmful. Meanwhile, should another storm system arise, your home may be vulnerable.

Installing wind-resistant siding, however, can keep your home in fine form during the worst tornado alerts.

Beef up your window protection

One of the most persistent threats from tornado-level winds is broken glass created when the winds toss a branch or other debris through a window in your home.

You can diminish the threat of cuts and scrapes by investing in tornado home remodeling in Birmingham, AL that includes storm shutters on your windows. Not only can high-quality shutters protect your windows, but they’ll also add a classic look to your home that never really goes out of style.

Pay close attention to your roof

Not surprisingly, the roof of your home will take the brunt of the damage during a tornado. Driving wind and rain can rip shingles off your roof, exposing your house to the possibility of leaks or mold.

Fortunately, there are several steps a homeowner can take to prevent storm damage to a roof. A talented contractor can add extra fasteners and heavyweight shingles, as well as examine the seams on your roof for potential problems.

Your storm ally

Remodeling or building a tornado-resistant home in Birmingham, AL is a breeze when you enlist the services of Metro Contractors Inc. Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up or adding storm protection to an existing structure, our skilled team of professionals can handle any job, no matter how big.

We’re the team you can trust for room additions, sunrooms, decks, roofing, siding, painting, fencing and everything in between. Since we opened our doors in 1989, a huge range of residential and commercial customers alike have come to rely on Metro Contractors Inc. for quality craftsmanship and unparalleled professionalism.

Your satisfaction is our highest priority. From planning to design to the build itself, you can count on Metro Contractors Inc. Give us a call today and let us make a believer out of you.

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