Disability Remodeling: The New Way to Make Your Home Fit Your Needs

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Whether it’s a traumatic incident or the natural result of aging, at some point in their lives, many Americans will find themselves in a position of reduced mobility. In the past, finding oneself confined to a wheelchair meant giving up a certain amount of freedom and comfort, even in your own home. In the 21st century, however, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can maintain your independence, or help a loved one to do so, with some disability home remodeling in Birmingham, AL.

Home-wide renovations

There are certain aspects of the home that need to be adjusted to accommodate someone who is living with reduced mobility:

  • Any uneven surfaces should be smoothed out: It’s especially important to ensure that the transition between the inside and outside is level. You should also pay close attention to the threshold between rooms (such as the transition between carpet and hardwood).
  • Widen the door frames: If the resident is in a wheelchair, the framework of every door should be expanded to a minimum of 32 inches. More often than not, however, 36 inches is the best option.
  • Lower the light switches: One often-overlooked aspect of disability remodeling is the light switches. If you or a loved one are confined to a sitting position, it may be helpful to lower the light switches as much as 18 inches.

These are just a handful of the remodeling choices that could impact every room in your house. A contractor should be able to offer a more comprehensive list of general remodeling ideas.

Building an accessible bathroom

For most people, the ability to bathe and use the restroom is one of the fundamental aspects of living independently. That’s why disability home modification in Birmingham, AL should focus on the bathroom.

Start by having grab bars installed within reach of both the bathtub and toilet. These essential additions can make the potentially treacherous transition between the wheelchair and back much safer. Higher toilets also make the switch between seats more accessible for someone in a wheelchair. Adding as many non-slip surfaces as possible can also help prevent accidents.

Navigating the stairs

Stairs can pose a legitimate hazard for anyone of advancing age, let alone someone who is dealing with mobility issues. Handrails can go a long way toward lowering the odds of a slip and fall down the stairs. For those people in wheelchairs, stairlifts are more cost-effective than ever before.

Regardless of which approach you take to remodeling your stairs, you should make sure there is adequate lighting to navigate them safely.

Building a safer life

At Metro Contractors Inc., we’re fully equipped to handle any disability home remodeling in Birmingham, AL, no matter how extensive. We understand the importance of your safety and security in your home, and we have the skill and creativity to preserve it.

For three decades, Metro Contractors Inc. has distinguished itself with unparalleled customer service and quality for residential and commercial clients alike. Give us a call or visit us online to find out what we can do for you.

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