Things to Do Before Your Bathroom Remodel

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Getting a brand-new bathroom upgrade is exciting. Who doesn’t want modern fixtures and a custom layout? With any sort of remodel or upgrade, however, there are certain issues and factors to consider before you take the plunge. Here’s our bathroom remodeling checklist for your Birmingham, AL home:

General concerns

  • Budget and time constraints: When you’re planning any sort of remodel, your biggest concern should be your budget. What can you afford, and how long are you able to have your bathroom out of service? Figuring out these two factors will guide you in everything from choosing a contractor to which fixtures you’ll install.
  • What to fix: Take a good, hard look around your bathroom and decide which parts need to be fixed or gutted. Some remodels will just be a matter of installing some new fixtures and upgrading the cabinetry and paint, whereas some may require more serious repairs. Maybe you want separate tubs and showers, new windows, new walls and flooring, or your ventilation system needs a serious overhaul.
  • What to upgrade: Certain parts of your remodel, like adding new cabinetry and shelving, will be easier to upgrade or replace.
  • Choosing a contractor: After your budget, choosing a contractor is your next most important task. Don’t settle for the first one you call. Most contractors will give free quotes on the work you’d like to do, including estimates about time and potential problems.
  • Deep cleaning: After the remodel is done, you’ll need to deep clean your bathroom—if you choose a housekeeping service, be sure to add that into your budget.

Design and remodeling

  • Plumbing and fixtures: New sink and tub fixtures can add instant modernity to a remodeled bathroom, and you may want to consider asking for 2” pipes—they’re harder to clog and the extra cost is so low that you have nothing to lose.
  • Cabinetry and shelving: In many bathrooms, the cabinets and shelves are focal points. Consider what kind of storage you need. Would open storage work? Do you prefer sleek modern or traditional, classic cabinetry? How much do you need?
  • Lighting: Lighting can really set the mood. We love bathrooms with dimmer switches that seamlessly allow you to go from “getting ready for work” to “reading in the bathtub.”
  • Ventilation: Finally, having proper ventilation in your bathroom is key to keeping mold and mildew from forming, as well as keeping the wall paint from peeling. Talk with your contractor about the ventilation in your existing room and find out how they’d suggest addressing any issues.

When you go into your bathroom remodel with a plan, you’re sure to get great results.

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