How to Plan for Commercial Remodeling in Birmingham, AL

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Owning a commercial property means you can make big changes when you want. Maybe you need more individual offices or want to tear out walls to create an open workplace environment. While you get to call most of the shots, you’ll find that planning a huge commercial remodeling project is best done as a team—not with your office team, but rather a team of professionals in the business of office renovations. This team includes designers, engineers and contractors, as well as other people who will help ensure everything goes smoothly.

Renovating an office building is not a small task, which is why you need to set yourself up for project success. Here’s how to plan for commercial remodeling in Birmingham, AL.

Know why you want to renovate

Before moving on to the steps involved with office renovations, first ask yourself why you want to remodel your space. Your answer could be as simple as your employees need more offices or open space to work and be productive. Or, the reason may be more serious, like needing to create a safer workplace for employees and customers or clients. You believe that a better office layout will benefit worker productivity, efficiency and safety, which are all good reasons to at least consider remodeling.

Steps to plan your renovation

You don’t want to go into a big property improvement project without a plan. Start by writing out your wants and needs and collaborate with a professional who can bring your ideas to life:

  1. Set goals: You must have a clear end goal in mind in order to proceed to the design stage of the process. First, know what you need. More walled-off offices? A new conference room? A kitchen or bathroom addition? Do you need to adhere to ADA rules for people with disabilities? There are also some questions to ask yourself that are more specific to your project and situation. What’s your budget? Will you need to close the office during construction? When does the work need to be complete? Who’s the best contractor for the job?
  2. Research contractors: A commercial renovation will need to be done by professionals. You’ll need an interior design team to create your ideas, a general contractor or remodeling company that specializes in commercial buildings to renovate the structure, an internal project manager to handle external and internal communications regarding your project and a cleanup crew to haul away construction debris.
  3. Get a building inspection: You might have your renovation team ready, but you also need a professional building inspection completed. This inspection checks for mold, asbestos, lead and other hazardous materials within the walls, and evaluates the condition of electrical and plumbing systems, building supports and more. Basically, the inspection ensures the building meets current codes before renovating.
  4. Design your new space and start renovations: Once you get the green light to proceed, it’s time to meet with the design team. Start conveying your ideas, and let them know how much you want to be involved in the process or plan to stay in communication.

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