Best Fall Home Improvements in Birmingham, AL

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Of all the seasons, fall is the most ideal time to take on that home improvement project you’ve been meaning to start (or finish). Hot summer days are in the rearview mirror, and it’s time to pull yourself out of vacation mode. The weather is getting cooler, which is perfect since fall is when certain home improvement projects should be done anyway. The good news is that many recommended fall projects don’t require too much time or energy. All you need is a plan, a few tools and maybe a qualified residential contractor for some repairs.

Here’s a list of the best fall home improvements in Birmingham, AL to focus on:

  • Clean and repair gutters: Typically, it starts raining in the fall and continues through the winter months. Before the rain comes, you need to clean out your gutters and inspect the condition of the entire gutter system, including the hardware and downspouts. A clogged gutter can send gallons of water spilling onto your roof or pooling near the foundation, when it’s supposed to move water away from your home. A lot of leaves drop during fall, too, so plan on checking gutters for clogs periodically.
  • Inspect the roof: Your home’s roof is your main line of defense against the elements. By the time fall rolls around, make sure you’ve inspected the roof at least once. This simple roof check can mean the difference between your home being warm, dry and comfortable during the cooler months and having to deal with roof issues in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Hire a roofing contractor to do a thorough inspection if you suspect problems.
  • Check windows: It’s surprising just how much heat can leak from windows in fall and winter. This heat loss can have a huge impact on your energy bills and indoor comfort. When checking your windows, make sure the glass does not have cracks and that the locks are functioning properly. Check the weather-stripping all around the window. Replace damaged or missing weather-stripping as soon as possible and, if needed, touch up sealant or caulk.
  • Power wash the exterior: Though not a traditional home improvement project, power washing the exterior of your house can brighten up your property after a long, hot summer. Later summer rain showers can make messes of siding, concrete surfaces, outdoor furniture and more, as do rainstorms throughout fall and winter. A power washer can be a great investment for homeowners wanting to deep clean features of their homes every season.
  • Paint: Probably one of the most affordable home improvement projects you can take on is painting. A little painting here and there can go a long way in helping a house and property, whether it’s refreshing the trim, the interior walls or the front door. And painting may just be the therapy you need to ease yourself into the upcoming holiday season.

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