Top Summer Home Renovation Projects

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Summer is a great time for home improvement in Birmingham, AL. The weather is warm and you can usually count on it to be free of precipitation, so major construction should will not be impeded by weather concerns. Plus, it’s usually easier to get the time off that you need to oversee the project. If you’re looking for ideas for home renovation in Birmingham, AL, read on to discover some of the top summer projects:

  • Windows: Summer is a great time to update your windows. Sometimes, windows become foggy or dingy over time, leading to a less attractive exterior. Plus, older windows are not very well insulated, which lets in more hot air during the summer, resulting in higher cooling costs. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient windows will not only update the look and curb appeal of your home, but you’ll also save money in the long run on energy costs and keep your home cooler and more comfortable for the remainder of the summer.
  • Replace your driveway: Driveways do need to be replaced periodically. Both asphalt and concrete are subject to wear and tear and need to be replaced after a number of years. Heat as well as freeze and thaw cycles take a toll on driveways, leading to cracks, fissures and potholes. If you haven’t been keeping up with filling in the cracks in your driveway, they might be so deep as to jeopardize its integrity. You’ll definitely want to take care of your driveway before winter rolls around and worsens any existing damage.
  • Kitchen upgrades: Summer is the best time (if not the only ideal time) to remodel your kitchen. As far as home renovation in Birmingham, AL goes, if you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, you’ll definitely want to choose the summertime for this project. Without the use of your kitchen, you’ll have to come up with alternative dinner plans, and many people enjoy cooking outside during this time. Summer is virtually the only time of year you can get away with regular cookouts on the grill or fire pit!
  • Roof and gutter repairs: Your roof will need to be replaced eventually, and your gutters are an important part of keeping your roof, as well as your siding and foundation, in good repair. Home improvement in Birmingham, AL doesn’t have to be fancy or glamorous. Sometimes, the basic elements of your home need an update. Plus, winter can take a toll on roofs and gutters, cluttering them with debris, which can lead to a buildup of water runoff at the foundation. It’s best to repair these elements before the next rainy season comes around.
  • Room additions: Summer is a great time to plan new additions, especially additions that will require knocking down one of the exterior walls to your home. While insulation can be added, it’s not a good idea to expose your home to the elements during harsher seasons, or when the possibility of rain is imminent. Summer is an ideal time to start these projects.

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