How to Choose the Best Floor Plan for Your Family

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“Our home just isn’t functioning for us!” is a complaint that we often hear. When buying or building a home, people often imagine how a space may work for hosting dinner parties, or wonder whether that beautiful table they inherited will fit in the dining room. What people often fail to think about is how the floor plan of their new home will help them get through their daily routines.

As a contractor that specializes in floor plan design in Birmingham, AL, we love really getting to know the families we work with to understand how they live. Understanding our clients’ day-to-day activities can help us design the perfect floor plan. When helping our families create the ideal floor plan for their needs, these are a few of the things we ask them to consider.

What are your must-haves and want-to-haves?

Everyone typically comes in with a list of must-haves, but as you assess these lists a little more closely, you will find that some of those “must-haves” are actually “want-to-haves.” Dig a little deeper and you may even find that some of the things you thought were must-haves become things that actually won’t work for you. We want to help you reach the point where you understand exactly what you need out of your remodel, as opposed to what you’d like but don’t have to have. The best place to start is by putting together a list of everything you want from your home—or think you want—and then assessing what actually does and does not work for your family and your lifestyle.

How are you currently using your existing space?

“We want to have enough space so all our kids can bring their friends over, so we need a big dining room where everyone can sit,” was a comment from one of the families we worked with. But as we probed a little deeper, it turns out that most of the kids who come over tend to sit in the kitchen at the bar. After talking it through, this family quickly realized that they didn’t need a big, formal dining area. A large kitchen island with plenty of seating would better fit their needs based on how they were currently using their space.

What’s your style?

Your floor plan should be functional but also tie in with your overall sense of style. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have a firm grasp on what their style is. Making Pinterest boards and even circling pictures in a magazine are great ways to find what appeals to you. From that starting point we can help create a layout that not only aligns with your lifestyle but your tastes as well.

The right floor plan can improve your quality of life in ways that you may have never even considered. If you are thinking about remodeling your home or building a new home and need help with floor plan design, be sure to talk to our experts at Metro Contractors Inc. Our ability to help people design a floor plan that meets their unique needs is why we’ve been a premier source for home remodeling in Birmingham, AL for the past 30 years!

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