Five Steps for Planning a Home Remodel

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Summer is a great time for a home remodel in Birmingham, AL. The weather is nice enough to commit to tearing down a wall or exposing your home to the elements for short periods of time, and you likely have some free time on your hands to devote to the project. However, home improvement in Birmingham, AL is also a lot of work, and you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for everything that will be involved. Look over this checklist to make sure you’re ready before beginning your home remodel in Birmingham, AL:

  • Design a detailed plan: Well before you start your project, you’ll want to have a crystal-clear picture of what you want to accomplish. This includes the blueprints, sketches, project steps and all the finishing details you want to include. With just a vision and your best wishes, you’re likely to run into roadblocks and things you didn’t expect. You’ll also want to plan out which steps you can accomplish yourself, as well as the supplies you need, and the parts for which you’ll need to hire help from a professional.
  • Schedule your timeline: Whether you’ve decided to do all the work for your home improvement in Birmingham, AL yourself or you’re going to hire professional home remodeling specialists to help you, make a timeline for when you want to get it all accomplished. Speak to experienced home remodelers to find out if your timeline goals are realistic. You’ll also want to schedule out every step of the project and how long each part will take, so you’ll be able to know if you’re staying on track.
  • Set a budget: Just as (or more) important as the timeline is the budget. Set a hard budget up front to avoid going over on the finishing touches. Think about the costs of the materials as well as the labor when you’re setting your budget. Consider any items you want to splurge on before beginning and account for their cost. If you decide to upgrade any aspect of your project, you’ll know precisely how much over budget you’ll be by the end.
  • Interview and hire the right contractors: When interviewing contractors, you’ll want to consider the level of experience they have with projects similar to yours and see if you can get examples of their past work. They should also be able to provide some customer reviews and testimonials. Make sure they have a license and insurance, and you’ll want to get a few bids before committing.
  • Prepare your home: Finally, before the contractors arrive or before you pick up a hammer, you’ll want to prepare your home. Remove anything from the remodel area that you’ll need to use on a daily basis, and make sure pets are secured from the area. If necessary, make outside sleeping and/or cooking arrangements.

After completing these preparation steps, you’re ready to begin your home remodel in Birmingham, AL! If you’re looking for licensed and experienced home improvement specialists, contact our team at Metro Contractors Inc. We are known for our dedication to customer service and our affordable rates. Give us a call today to arrange a consultation!

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