Top Remodeling Trends for Decks This Summer

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Your deck is an important part of your house. Not only does it provide you with some extra functional space for the purpose of entertaining friends and family, but when kept in good condition it can also add a fair amount of value to your home.

Of course, decks require a bit of maintenance to be kept in that good condition. If you have a wooden deck, for example, you may need to refinish it every several years. You might also seek to take on some more thorough remodeling jobs with your deck so you can get the kind of functionality you want out of it.

So, if you’re looking to take on a remodeling project this summer that can add aesthetic and financial value while also transforming the way you use your outdoor spaces, here are just a few examples of some deck remodeling trends in Birmingham, AL you might consider jumping on.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular, especially in more temperate parts of the country, but they can be built to withstand all seasons. If you do a lot of cooking and grilling outside, it can be beneficial to have this sort of kitchen functionality built into your deck and your outdoor space.

An outdoor kitchen can include such amenities as outdoor refrigerators, bars, countertops and cooking spaces. They should be designed in a way that maximizes efficiency for your cooking and food prep, but without detracting from your ability to interact with your guests while you’re working. But when done well, these outdoor kitchens can be quite the luxury for homeowners. No longer will you have to keep going in and out for supplies!

Maximize your space

If you have a lot of space on your property, then why not create a larger, more spacious deck? This will allow you to provide your guests with many more seating options, and will give you more options for furniture and décor when you’re shopping for your deck. You don’t have to limit yourself to a standard 20’ x 10’ deck if you’ve got a large property and plenty of space to expand your outdoor entertaining area. Just make sure you’ve planned out the addition in a way that is both smart and attractive.

Upgrade your lighting

The kind of lighting you use around your deck area can really affect the mood and ambience of the space. You can build lighting fixtures directly into your deck, or you can figure out ways to install overhead lighting. Weather-resistant string lights have become an extremely popular option for decks and patios across the country, especially at restaurants with outdoor spaces, but also at people’s homes. You might also consider hanging lanterns, or attaching lights to pergolas.

Just as lighting can improve the safety of your home and highlight any landscaping and architectural features you’re especially proud of, it can also be a big difference-maker in the way people look at your deck and in its aesthetic value.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best opportunities you have to upgrade your deck this summer, or are ready to invest in new deck building in Birmingham, AL, contact Metro Contractors Inc. today.

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