Some Dos and Don’ts for Your Upcoming Bathroom Renovation in Birmingham, AL

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A bathroom renovation is the perfect opportunity to create your dream space. This might mean a massive bath tub, a modern walk-in shower or a vanity fit for a movie star. A renovated bathroom can add value to your home and make it more appealing to future buyers, but this impactful project can quickly turn into a disastrous money pit if you’re not careful. The bathroom is an especially tricky room as it has so many different elements crammed into a relatively small space. Plus, there’s always the risk of water leaking out with one small error.

Avoiding a few simple mistakes with proper planning could save you thousands of dollars on your project. The following list of dos and don’ts will help you master your bathroom remodel in Birmingham, AL.

Do: Budget for the unexpected

Hidden water damage and mold could be lurking in the bathroom. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t discover these problems until the renovation is underway. Remember to include an extra 10 to 15 percent cushion in your budget for these unexpected hiccups. You’ll have a nice bonus if there’s no surprises.

Don’t: Rush the process

Rome wasn’t built in a day—and your new bathroom won’t be either. Poor planning and a rushed timeline is one of the top causes of cost overruns. Take the time to get everything right instead of attempting to rush through the steps.

Do: Invest in quality

This is your time to really splurge on all your bathroom wish-list items. Spend the extra money for a larger shower stall or a Jacuzzi bath tub. Invest in gorgeous tiles and build your perfect vanity and storage spaces. Investing in quality will pay off in the bathroom.

Don’t: Cut corners on materials

Many homeowners try to cut costs by skimping on the products that get the most use, like the shower and sink. However, many higher quality products carry a lifetime warranty that will cover any leaking, stains or other problems. Instead, try saving money with the light fixtures and the mirror. These items are usually standard across all price points.

Do: Keep major plumbing lines in place

The most cost-efficient layout will keep the toilet, shower and sink in their original spots. Moving the toilet from one wall to another entails relocating the drain line to the new location, which can cost thousands of dollars. You’ll save significantly by maintaining the current plumbing layout.

Don’t: Skip professional labor

The do-it-yourself approach isn’t an effective way to save money on a major bathroom project. Attempting a DIY bathroom renovation usually ends up costing more in the long run. Leave the complicated plumbing work and installations to the highly skilled professionals. Most bathroom remodels require knowledge in everything from plumbing to electrical work, cabinet installation and tiling. You’ll need the help of a contractor with knowledge and experience to handle your bathroom remodel in Birmingham, AL. Reach out to Metro Contractors Inc. today for a free estimate or to arrange a consultation with our experts!

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