Five Tips for Choosing New Siding

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New siding can transform the appearance of a home. The siding is an important part of a home’s overall look, as it covers practically the entire surface area of the exterior. It’s the first thing friends and neighbors will notice when they step onto the property. The benefits of siding aren’t just limited to aesthetics, either. It acts as a protective layer for the home by guarding it against the elements. Cracked, sagging and dated siding can no longer protect the home, and it looks unattractive. Eventually, the siding will succumb to years of pelting rains and harsh winds.

Many homeowners might feel overwhelmed with all the different options when it comes time to replace their siding. Understanding each option and all aspects of the project can help you make an informed decision when selecting a material for siding replacement in Birmingham, AL. Consider these five tips when choosing new siding for your home.

Pick the right material

The first step is to choose a siding material. Approximately 32 percent of U.S. homes opt for vinyl siding because it’s durable, affordable and attractive. Vinyl remains a popular choice because it can serve as an affordable alternative to more costly options, like cedar shakes and board-and-batten siding. Others prefer the classic look of wood or sturdy brick, but these siding selections usually are more expensive and require a lot more upkeep. Ultimately, you’ll have to base the decision on your needs and budget.

Consider the maintenance requirements

Siding can last for years if it is well maintained. Some materials, such as stucco and brick, can deliver a first-rate performance with practically no upkeep required. Others require a major commitment to stay looking great. High maintenance options, such as wood, must be refinished regularly and inspected annually to stay in top condition. Vinyl siding can mirror the look of these needier options without the hassle.

Think about the resale value

Homeowners need to think of siding upgrades in Birmingham, AL as an investment in their home. The purchase and installation of new siding can significantly boost the overall value of the property. Many homeowners can recoup at least 50 percent of the cost of the siding when they sell the home. Prospective buyers will be glad to see the owner invested in new, high-quality siding.

Don’t forget the first impression

First impressions matter. The outward appearance of a home can say a lot about the property and the family living inside of it. Poorly maintained or dilapidated siding can send the wrong message. The countless material, color and texture combinations are just one of the things that make siding one of the best options to dramatically improve the exterior appearance of a property.

Hire a pro to get the job done

A siding installation expert can help you choose the right siding for your home before installing it for you. You need a reputable and experienced contractor to ensure this job is done right. Call the pros at Metro Contractors Inc. today if you’re ready to give your home a whole new look!

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