Tips for Planning a Winter Home Renovation in Birmingham, AL

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Spring and summer are usually considered the best seasons to attempt a major home renovation project. The warm weather makes the months of June, July and August the ideal time to remodel the master bathroom, build a new guest bedroom or expand the kitchen. But embarking on a remodeling project during the winter months does offer a few advantages compared to the summer season. A cold-weather renovation could actually cost less and be completed at a faster pace. Contractors typically have more availability during the winter months because work tends to slow down after summer ends. Plus, they’ll have more time to commit to your project since demand is so low.

Ready to transform your home this winter? Then follow these tips for renovation planning in Birmingham, AL to get the most out of your project.

Tackle the big projects

Kitchen and bathroom remodels are both major undertakings. Winter is the perfect time for these projects because they require a significant amount of materials and a lot of availability from the contractor. You’ll have better access to both of those things because there will be less demand. The contractor will be able to devote more time to your project to ensure it’s completed on time, instead of having to split their schedule with someone else’s project. You might even be able to secure a lower rate or get the top contractor in town during the offseason.

Finish the basement

One of the benefits of basement remodeling is the fact that all the work is completed inside. Your home remodeling service will thank you for an indoor job during the cold winter months, and you won’t have to expose any areas of the home to the elements. The winter air is ideal for basement construction, as the air is less humid, which reduces the chance of mold forming on exposed surfaces.

Install hardwood flooring

Wintertime is the prime season for installing new hardwood flooring. The dry air stops the newly laid boards from gapping after installation and helps facilitate a quicker drying time for the adhesive. The decreased humidity levels are also a plus, as they eliminate the likelihood of water damage during those crucial first months.

Paint the interiors

Is your New Year’s resolution to update a lackluster living room? Consider painting the interior of your home this winter. Indoor painting is a simple, yet effective way to freshen up the look of your home and even boost its overall value. The lack of humidity will provide optimal conditions for the paint to dry quickly and properly bond to the wall. Just remember to keep the thermostat set to higher than 70 degrees to help it adhere correctly.

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