Tips for Whole Home Remodeling in Birmingham, AL

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Are you considering home remodeling in Birmingham, AL? This is a significant endeavor. Are you ready for the planning, challenges, details and moving parts involved with this project?

If you could use a few tips, take the following advice from your local remodeling contractors in Birmingham, AL. These steps will save you time, money and headaches as you complete your whole home remodeling project:

  • Research: Don’t dive in until you’ve done your homework. Consult with others who have completed similar projects. Gather information from other homeowners, professionals and anyone else who can provide valuable input to help you realistically plan your project.
  • Evaluate resale: Consider how your renovations will affect the potential resale value of your home. Think about how long you plan to live there and what features future buyers might want. Weigh these factors as you decide on the specifics of the project. You might decide that the extra bathroom will be worthwhile, but the built-ins you were planning won’t provide the ROI you desire.
  • Move: When you complete whole home remodeling in Birmingham, AL, you turn your property inside out. Before you begin, move the belongings that will be in the way or will be at risk of damage during construction. Pack valuables and place them in storage. Depending on the project, you may even want to move your family out temporarily as well.
  • Obtain permits: You’ll need to plan in advance for these. Building permits often take quite a while to obtain. Allow plenty of time for the approval process. Large-scale projects may take weeks or even months to approve before you can get started.
  • Develop a budget: This might be tougher than you think. Home remodeling in Birmingham, AL can quickly eat up more dollars than you had planned. Be sure to consider the full range of expenses involved and include extra funds for unplanned expenses. Once you establish this budget, resolve to stick to it as closely as possible so your costs don’t get out of control.
  • Establish an end goal: As you develop your budget and decide on the details of your project, it’s important to keep the end goal in mind. Do you hope to create a space to grow old in? Do you want to make your home multi-generational? Do you simply want to update it for resale? Keep this end goal in mind with each decision you make.
  • Leave it to the pros: Do you hope to make this a DIY project? Even if you will be doing much of the work yourself, it’s likely you will contact remodeling contractors in Birmingham, AL for at least a portion of the job. Decide how much work you will do yourself, then find a local contractor you can trust to partner with you for the work you want to hire out.

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