Planning for a New Home Addition in Birmingham, AL

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Is it time to expand? Whether you’ve outgrown your home or simply want more space to spread out, home additions in Birmingham, AL are a great solution. They are also a significant undertaking.

To properly plan for your project, use the following guide from your local general contractors in Birmingham, AL. Starting with these steps will help you enjoy a smoother project and obtain the outcomes you desire.

Know Your Space

Before you create a home addition in Birmingham, AL, you must first determine what your current property allows. Where are your property lines? What landscaping and utilities must you consider as you expand?

In addition to the property lines, consider the rest of the home. What type of addition and what size will work well to complement the current space? The best additions flow well with the rest of the floor plan, so they look like they were part of the original plans.

Don’t forget to consider the rest of the neighborhood, too. Does your planned addition fit in with the area? You don’t want to overbuild and price yourself out of the neighborhood. You also don’t want to create an eyesore.

Develop a Plan

This project is obviously too complex to simply dive into. A lot of advance planning and research is required. Consult with those who have completed home additions in Birmingham, AL to get their input. Establish a budget for your project. Decide which pieces you plan to complete as DIY projects and what you will hire out to general contractors in Birmingham, AL. Establish a desired timeline for completion of the project, which brings us to step three…

Don’t Forget Permits

Most building projects require building permits. As you make your plans and establish your timeline, be sure to allow for these. Approvals can take longer than you think. Don’t delay on permit requests if you have a timeline to maintain. You might have to be flexible as you await approval. If you live in a historic district, you may need to also keep special permitting in mind as you plan your project.

Research General Contractors in Birmingham, AL

For those pieces of the project that you will contract out, you want to ensure you are hiring reliable professionals. As you consider your options for general contractors in Birmingham, AL, properly vet each company. Find out if they have experience with the type of addition you have planned. Ask for recommendations from friends and family and ask the contractor for references. Ask all the questions you need to determine if they are a company you can trust to deliver the results you want.

Ask the Addition Pros

Do you have questions about home additions in Birmingham, AL? If you would like additional tips or are looking for an expert to partner with you for your project, contact the team at Metro Contractors Inc. Locally owned and operated, we have been delivering premium contracting services to property owners throughout the area since 1989. Contact us today with any questions or to get started on your new home addition.

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