Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your New Flooring

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Choosing your new flooring is an important decision, and there are so many different options: hardwood, laminate, tile, resilient flooring, accent rugs and more. Trying to decide which is best can be overwhelming. However, there are several questions you can ask yourself to narrow down and identify which option for flooring replacement in Birmingham, AL will be most suitable for your space and your family’s needs. So, before you commit to those crowd-pleasing hardwood floors or the carpeting that brings your family an extra layer of cozy comfort, take some time to answer the following questions:

  • How does your family hope to use this room? You must first assess what your new floor needs to be able to withstand. If the pitter-patter of small feet and endless giggles at playtime will fill this room for many years, you may want to consider a flooring replacement that can take a beating and maintain its polished look. If this describes your living situation, tile could be a great option, as it is incredibly durable, or perhaps you need something cozier. A new carpet could provide a fantastic playroom. Or, maybe you want to use this room to entertain guests, and you want it to emanate the same classical charm of your grandmother’s hardwood floors or the sleek modern look of tile.
  • What type of flooring is realistic for your location? While some homeowners fall in love with hardwood flooring or a cozy carpeting for their living space, it is just not realistic for every location. For example, if you live in a humid climate, your beautiful hardwood flooring will soon warp or buckle, and you may find yourself wondering if mold has not crept into your carpet while you were too busy living life to notice sooner. While your flooring replacement in Birmingham, AL should be everything you ever dreamed of, it also needs to be realistic and sustainable for the climate you live in.
  • How do you feel about maintenance? The amount of maintenance you are willing to do could help you narrow down your options. If you want to get your new floor in and not have to work on it again, tile or vinyl floors might be the choice for you, as these options offer tons of opportunities for customization, look great with an accent rug and are very low-maintenance. However, if you are willing to put in the extra work, then you can confidently purchase that hardwood or laminate flooring you have wanted for years. The key is to examine what level of maintenance is realistic for you and your family before making a final decision.
  • What is the room currently like? If your current flooring is drastically different than your desired choice for flooring replacement in Birmingham, AL, you may want to consider whether redecorating will be necessary. Hardwood floors go with most anything, but that patterned vinyl flooring your heart is set on might not. Before choosing your new flooring, consider every aspect of your current room—the design, the light, the décor. Some flooring replacements will require redecoration or removing existing trim or thresholds, which makes asking this question while you deliberate your options very important.

There is a multitude of flooring options, but hopefully, after answering all these questions, you can successfully narrow down which flooring option is most suitable for you, your family and your space. Call Metro Contractors Inc. today and we will help get you started!

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