Plan for a Successful Commercial Building Renovation

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For a company to pull off a seamless and efficient renovation project, proper planning is critical. Although the project may seem daunting, with a solid plan in place, your commercial building renovation in Birmingham, AL can go smoothly and your business will be back up and running before you know it. Here are three tips from your local commercial building remodeling company to help you begin preparing for the renovations that will allow your company to reach its goals:

  • Create a holistic plan: Although a renovation is a large undertaking, with the help of the right contractor during the planning phases, you can make sure you have all of your bases covered. Before you can get started, you will need to determine how much of your budget can be allotted for the remodel, and what kind of timeline the renovations need to be completed in. As part of your preparation for the project, keep in mind how the renovation might affect your current customers or tenants, and whether any temporary displacement will occur. Will you have to shut down completely for the duration of the project, or is there a workable alternative that can be arranged that allows you to remain in operation?
  • Know who is in charge on the site: Larger remodeling projects usually involve the use of several different subcontractors, which makes it vital that you know who your point person is. If you have specific questions about the overall project and its progress, it will be this individual who can provide you with the most accurate and all-encompassing outlook. Even projects that are smaller in scale are very involved, with a lot of moving parts, and the project or site manager will be responsible for receiving materials and making sure that everything is flowing smoothly on a daily basis.
  • Securing permits: Based on the location of your building and the type of work you are looking to have done, certain permits will need to be obtained before the work can be completed. One of the biggest threats to your remodeling project’s timeline is not realizing which permits you need until after the work has already started. Your contractor will be able to help you secure these permits, but it will be helpful to do some research on what types of changes might need to take place during your renovations to make sure your building is up to code in all areas.

A lot of planning and preparation is needed for every remodel, and you will have to find a reliable and trustworthy commercial building remodeling company in Birmingham, AL to help make sure that your project is a success. Here at Metro Contractors Inc., we take pride in every project we do, and it is our mission to make sure that each remodel is handled with precision and high-quality craftsmanship. To work with the team that has been handling commercial building renovation in Birmingham, AL since 1989, make sure you give us a call today!

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