Do You Need a New Deck This Summer?

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It’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy! You should be outside on your deck sipping an ice cold lemonade, making a barbecue dinner on your grill and generally just enjoying the beautiful weather. But that’s going to be hard to do if your deck in Birmingham, AL is shoddy or falling apart. Not only is that a visual turn-off—it’s also a major safety hazard. Here are a few of the signs that it might be time to replace your deck.

Rotten deck posts

Your deck posts are primarily responsible for holding your deck upright. Obviously, you want those posts to be as strong as they can be. Older decks with wooden posts that are untreated run the risk of becoming rotten over time. If this sounds like your deck, give us a call right away. We may have to replace your deck before it collapses.

Loose or shaking railings

Do your railings shake when you grab onto them? Let’s hope not! While shaky railings aren’t as unsafe as rotten deck posts, they certainly aren’t ideal. We can quickly replace your loose railings with sturdy new ones, so everyone on your deck will be as safe as can be.

Deck isn’t attached to your house

You don’t need to be a professional deck builder to know that a gap between your deck and your house isn’t good. If this is the case, you shouldn’t be on your deck at all this summer. Call us for deck replacement in Birmingham, AL before anyone steps foot outside.

No ledger flashing

Your ledger flashing is responsible for keeping water out of the area between your home and deck. If any of this flashing is missing, you run the risk of developing mold, or even worse, the wood rotting away. Walk under your deck and look up—you should see a metal or plastic strip on the deck boards attached to your home. Give us a call at once to replace the flashing if any of that strip is gone.

Wobbly deck boards

Your deck boards shouldn’t wobble back and forth as you walk around. Wobbly boards are sure to fall apart sooner rather than later. Call us to replace any wobbly boards before you or one of your guests are injured.

Major structural damage

We can make repairs to any deck, up to a certain point. If you have major structural damage, replacement is a must. If your deck is old or if it looks a little rough, be sure to give us a call for an inspection. We’ll take a thorough look at your deck and let you know what can be done, and whether or not it’s time to replace it.

Even if your deck isn’t showing any of the signs above, you still might want to call Metro Contractors Inc. We’re you’re number one choice for deck building in Birmingham, AL if you’ve outgrown your current deck or would like to build a deck that’s more visually appealing. Get in touch with us today to learn more about all of our services.

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