Benefits of Adding Bump-Outs in Birmingham, AL

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Are you considering various projects to improve your living space? The options are nearly limitless, so it can be hard to decide which renovations and remodeling endeavors will best suit your lifestyle and budget. As you weigh your choices, consider adding a bump-out in Birmingham, AL.

Also referred to as a micro-addition, the bump-out expands an existing room to provide the few additional square feet you need for more comfortable living. This enhancement offers several benefits to homeowners:

  • Cost: Room additions are significant investments. Many homeowners never even consider adding onto their home because they assume the cost is out of their price range. Bump-outs bring additional living space back into your budget. Because you’re simply expanding an existing room, you won’t need as many new parts and supplies. You can get the additional space you need without breaking the bank.
  • Convenience: With traditional home additions, the construction process often takes over the entire home. Families are displaced temporarily or live in uncomfortable conditions during the add-on. The completion of bump-outs in Birmingham, AL is less invasive and is completed more quickly, making it a more convenient process.
  • Curb appeal: Have you ever looked at a home and immediately noticed an obvious addition? It can be hard to make full-size additions flow naturally with a home. Bump-outs have minimal impact on the exterior look of your home. They are easy to blend with your current architecture. For those with little yard space, bump-outs in Birmingham, AL also make it possible to expand the home. While you may not have the room to build a full addition, a bump-out can fit nicely on your existing property, without taking up too much yard space or encroaching on neighbors.
  • Capacity: Have you ever felt a certain room in your home has reached its maximum capacity, but you could really use a bit more space? For example, you could use just three more feet of counter space in the kitchen, or your dining room could hold a family-sized table if it only had five extra feet. Whether you want that luxury shower you’ve always dreamed of, that relaxing reading nook you’d enjoy or simply need a few extra feet for the kids to play, a bump-out can give your home the extra capacity needed to better fit your lifestyle.
  • Crop: Not all home improvement projects offer good financial return, but a bump-out offers great ROI. For a small investment, homeowners can yield great benefits. Not only will the micro-addition improve living conditions, it can also be a nice selling point, adding value to the home, which translates to a better sale price for the owner.

If you’re considering a renovation project this season, contact the experienced professionals at Metro Contractors Inc. We will partner with you to develop the best solution to meet your needs. From major overhauls to minor bump-outs in Birmingham, AL, our expert builders are ready to assist you. Contact us today to create enhanced surroundings for the future!

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