Top Six Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpet

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Carpet is a top flooring choice for homeowners across the country. It’s comfortable, looks great and requires much less maintenance than hardwood or other options. Unfortunately, carpet does have a few drawbacks. It’s highly susceptible to stains, isn’t great if you have pets and may even need to be replaced every few years. Continue reading to learn signs that you need to call us for flooring replacement in Birmingham, AL:

  • Stains: A ton of stains is your number one sign that you need new carpeting. You can shampoo your carpet as much as you want but, in the end, the only way to get your carpet back to looking good is to replace it. You can try to prevent stains by keeping your children and pets off the carpet, but that’s easier said than done. When you’re tired of a bad-looking carpet, get in touch with Metro Contractors Inc. to discuss your options.
  • Odor: The only thing worse than a bad-looking carpet is a bad-smelling carpet! Just like with stains, shampooing can only do so much to improve your carpet’s smell. Allow our professionals to replace your carpet—we guarantee you’ll have a much cleaner home in no time at all.
  • Loss of padding: Carpet’s comfort is one of its biggest selling points. Unfortunately, that benefit goes away as your carpet gets older. Years of walking all over it eventually wears down the padding and beats down the fibers. When this happens, your only option is new flooring installation in Birmingham, AL. Call us today to learn all about new carpeting—you’ll be amazed at how comfortable some of these new carpets are!
  • Wear and tear: Frayed and torn fibers are a big sign that you should call the pros for flooring replacement in Birmingham, AL. This general wear and tear looks terrible and decreases the value of your home. Having everyone remove their shoes before entering your home can slow down this fraying process, but it’s bound to happen eventually. Be sure to call for help before your carpet looks too unattractive.
  • Allergens: Unlike hardwood floors, dust and pet dander get trapped in your carpet fibers. Vacuuming on a regular basis can lift some of those allergens, but there’s only so much you can do after a while. If you’ve noticed that guests continually sneeze when entering your home, consider replacing your allergen-filled carpet. Both you and your guests will enjoy spending more time in your home as a result.
  • Age: Finally, you might want to consider replacing your carpet if it’s getting up there in years. Carpet has a finite lifespan, and most flooring experts recommend replacing it every 10 years or so. A new carpet will improve the resale value of your home and will give your space a fresh new look.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs above, be sure to pick up the phone and call Metro Contractors Inc. for new flooring installation in Birmingham, AL. Whether you just want to replace your carpet or switch up your look by adding hardwood floors, we’re the team for the job! Call today to learn more about all of our flooring and remodeling services.

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