Ask a General Contractor in Birmingham, AL: Should I Fix Up My Home Before Selling?

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Have you been thinking about selling your home? There’s probably a few different repairs or renovations you’d like to complete before placing your home on the market. You might be wondering whether investing in these upgrades will increase the value of your home. There isn’t a general rule about what renovations will net higher sale prices. Oftentimes, sellers will put too much time and money into fixing up their home when the buyer might never even notice, let alone pay extra for it. The key is to figure out what additions will have the highest return on investment. This can be difficult for a novice to determine, but a general contractor in Birmingham, AL can work with you to identify which investments will be the most effective.

Let’s take a look at the three most common renovation types to help you decide whether to fix up your home before selling.

Major remodeling

Many homeowners think renovating their kitchen or constructing an addition will drastically inflate its prospective sale price. That’s not always the case, though. The total cost recuperation from these intensive projects will depend heavily on the condition of the rest of the home, the neighborhood and the local market. For example, adding a new deck would have a higher value in a moderate climate than somewhere with a long winter or in an area with a view of a highway.

On the other hand, some additions can drive your home up into a different class. Converting an attic into another bedroom is a sensible upgrade, as it can make the home a viable option for larger families. Work with a general contractor in Birmingham, AL to identify whether a major remodel is a suitable option for your home.

Small cosmetic fix-ups

This is where homeowners tend to get the most bang for their buck. Small cosmetic fix-ups might include updating a dated bathroom, adding new counters or investing in hardwood flooring. The costs for these items are typically less expensive than for major remodels, which means most of the investment can be recouped when the home is sold. Plus, they will help the home sell quickly.

General maintenance

These are simple, yet effective upgrades that will help you get the most out of your home’s value. Oftentimes, these are important repairs that have been put off in an attempt to save costs. Making the effort to replace the old siding or installing a new fence can make a home look like new. A potential homebuyer will appreciate the effort and take it as an indicator that the rest of the residence has been maintained just as well. Finding any of these problems during an inspection could compromise the deal, so it’s best to take care of everything before hanging up that “for sale” sign.

Ultimately, each home is going to differ based on the market and the neighborhood in which it’s located. Call the experts at Metro Contractors Inc. to speak to a general contractor in Birmingham, AL and determine what upgrades may be worth the effort and the investment based on your unique situation.

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