Five Reasons Why Winter Is the Perfect Time for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

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Winter can be a challenging season. The short days, bleak skies and cold temperatures can discourage you from heading outdoors. However, that is also why it is the perfect time of year to focus on home remodeling in Birmingham, AL. While winter might seem like a time to relax and recharge, it’s also the ideal season to update that dated kitchen or add a new deck. Easy scheduling, contractor availability and competitive pricing all come together during this season to give you the best deal. Here are just a few of the reasons why winter is the best season for home remodeling:

  • Contractor availability: It seems like practically everyone wants to update their bathroom or add a sunroom during the spring. Not to mention outdoor projects boom as the weather warms up. Usually, most high quality contractors are booked with jobs months in advanced. You’ll be lucky if they can squeeze you in as early as the fall if you try to embark on a remodeling project in March. In the winter, a contractor will have more time to devote to working with you in planning and designing the project. Plus, you’ll be able to find a contractor to start the job sooner rather than later, especially if there isn’t a significant amount of exterior work involved.
  • Less downtime: Remodeling work can sometimes take weeks as contractors work on multiple projects at one time. By having your project completed now, you’re more likely to have their full attention because it is the slow season. That means you can be out of the construction zone and back to your normal life in no time.
  • Avoid manufacturer price increases: Remodeling during the winter can also save you money. Many manufacturers offer closeout prices on appliances and materials during the end of the year to make room for next season’s products. This is especially true for things like new ovens and refrigerators, but lumber and cabinets also see price reductions.
  • Competitive pricing: Work can be lean during the winter months as many potential customers are focused on celebrating the holidays or taking vacation. Many contractors will offer competitive pricing free of the busy season price bump just to keep their business going through the slow season.
  • Speedy approval: Government offices tasked with approving building permits also experience a winter slowdown. It’s likely they will take less time to get all the permits for your new home addition. It will also be easier to find a space in an inspector’s schedule.

Schedule your home remodeling project for this winter to beat the upcoming spring rush. It’s clearly the smart decision when you consider the ease of scheduling and overall savings of both money and time.

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