Five Outside-of-the-Box Ideas for Home Remodeling in Birmingham, AL

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Would you like your home to stand out from the rest? Are you hoping to add something unique to your space? If you’re considering home remodeling in Birmingham, AL, the sky is the limit. Make your space truly your own. Partner with your contractor to create spaces that meet the needs of your lifestyle and inject a little personality into your home. To get started, try one or more of the following ideas:

  • Repurposed stairway: Why waste all that great space under your stairs? Turn the underside into bookshelves. Create pop-up treads that offer storage underneath. Add pull-out storage drawers to the side. Open the side wall for a cozy reading nook with pillowed bench and lighting. Add a doggie door to create an indoor dog house under the stairs. The possibilities are endless. Apply some creativity, and your standard staircase can become a unique focal point of your home.
  • Repurposed second story: A two-story foyer offers unused living space. The second story is a potential play room or office. Extend the upstairs hallway over the foyer and enjoy an extra room. If you have an extra tall or two-story living room, add something completely out of the box, like a hammock. Stretch a ceiling hammock across the area and enjoy relaxing in your indoor “treetop swing.”
  • Repurposed attic: It may be too small for a traditional room, but a cozy movie theater isn’t out of the question. Line the floor with padding and pillows to create a comfy getaway to watch your favorite flicks. Decorate the walls with clouds or stars for an indoor-outdoor theater experience. This space might be so inviting you’ll find it hard to stop bingeing on your favorite shows!
  • Repurposed passage: Every kid dreams of finding a secret room. Why not make one of your own? Create a wall with a moveable bookshelf that grants access to the next room. Create a staircase that lifts up to reveal the level below. Turn a large closet into a hidden office. If you’re home remodeling in Birmingham, AL includes an addition, consider creative ways to access the new room. Go ahead and fulfill your 007 dreams!
  • Repurposed bathroom: Why settle for a standard bathroom when you can create an in-home oasis? Consider what features you would truly love and actually use. If you never take a bath, don’t add a soaker tub. Instead, use the space for a luxury shower with dual heads. Add an s-shaped seat so you can lie down in a steamer shower. Create a walk-in shower that has no glass doors to clean. Pamper yourself!

Too many homeowners settle for standard home remodeling in Birmingham, AL. If you’re planning a project, think outside the box. Create a space you truly love, that fits your lifestyle and personality. Partner with a contractor who will listen to your needs and help you design the space of your dreams. For experts in unique remodeling ideas, contact the professionals at Metro Contractors Inc. Reach out to our team today!

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